Suspended Card Style PowerPoint Templates

Suspended Card Style PowerPoint Templates
Suspended Card Style PowerPoint Templates

This is a floating card-style PowerPoint template with simple pages, elegant colors, and creative design. It is suitable for PowerPoint presentations on business reports, company management, business plans, and work summaries.

There are 25 pages in the template, and the content is preset to 4 parts. It provides rich graphic layouts and various logical relationship diagrams around the theme of company management, which is very practical.

The cover page of the PPT has a suspended card to highlight the theme. The theme text has four circles as the background, and the subtitle has a blue background. It is eye-catching and prominent, giving people an elegant feeling.

The content page of PPT is mainly textual content, suitable for training lectures focusing on conveying ideas.
The text, pictures, colors, lines, etc. of the template can be freely edited.

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