Color circle PowerPoint templates

Color circle PowerPoint templates
Color circle PowerPoint templates

This is a set of fashionable color dot ppt template with simple page and harmonious color. It is suitable for PowerPoint presentation of year-end summary, new year’s plan, work report, work report, etc.

The template has a total of 23 pages, and the content is preset to be 6 parts. It provides classic and practical ppt charts around the business theme, with rich graphic layout, creative design and convenient use.

Ppt template cover, using a number of different sizes of color dots as ppt background image. Fill in PPT title text and reporter information on the left side.

PowerPoint template content page, using rounded diagonal background image. The content of the slide uses 21 color flat ppt charts and PPT copywriting. In addition, it uses ppt illustrations of workplace figures, PPT illustrations of business meetings and handshake pictures.

Template text, graphics, charts, colors, lines, etc. can be freely edited.

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