Big data cloud computing PPT template

Big data cloud computing PPT template
Big data cloud computing PPT template

This is a set of cloud computing big data ppt template with blue curve background, with a total of 23 pages.

PPT template cover, using dot matrix world map, blue sphere, blue curve ppt background image. Fill in the PPT title text of cloud computing big data in the middle. The slide interface is full of technology.

The content page of PowerPoint template consists of 21 blue slide charts and text typesetting to introduce cloud computing big data.

1.What is big data

2.Opportunities and challenges

3.Applications and cases

4.Characteristics and composition

5.Big data trend

With the advent of the cloud era, big data has attracted more and more attention. According to the analyst team, big data is usually used to describe the large amount of unstructured and semi-structured data created by a company, which will cost too much time and money to download to a relational database for analysis. Big data analysis is often associated with cloud computing, because real-time large data set analysis needs a framework like MapReduce to allocate work to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of computers.

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